Quarter Horses

Some characteristics of the Quarter Horse breed are heavy muscling, sprinter’s speed, versatility, keen cow sense and a gentle nature.  Quarter Horses originally became popular in ranching and racing, but in today’s world Quarter Horses excel in a variety of events.  The American Quarter Horse gives an individual many outlets for enjoyment, thus making it the world’s most popular (and versatile) breed.  Although competition options (from barrel racing and roping to dressage and show jumping) are nearly unlimited, the number one interest of American Quarter Horse owners remains riding for recreation.

Since the creation of the American Quarter Horse Association more than 50 years ago, breeders have been perfecting the bloodlines of the American Quarter Horse to produce a high quality, versatile horse.  AQHA has set forth a strict set of guidelines regarding registration of an American Quarter Horse.

The foundational bloodlines, which influenced the production of our horses, are based off the King Ranch, Weiscamp, and other notable lines, including Poco Dell by Poco Bueno.

From King Ranch, came a treasured mare, Madam Grande.  Distinguished horses from Weiscamp include Skippety Flip (by Skipper W), Scottish (sire to Ole Sun City) and Skips Shaw- all of which bred and raised by Hank Weiscamp himself.  From the Poco Dell line came Hooky Dell, whose dam was Cookie Mount (the 1stAQHA Champion in the Northwest).